6”x9” Coaxial 3-Way Speaker with Marine Certification

Marine Certified

The DB+ Series is IP56 rated so they are dirt- and water-resistant. They also have been tested for salt-fog, UV and humidity. A big part of that marine certification also means that each speaker has a non-corrosive plastic grille, a polypropylene UV tolerant cone, waterproof inner and outer surrounds, and stainless steel mounting hardware, ensuring that they are fully protected against the elements.

Designed To Go The Extra Mile

All Polk loudspeakers rely on our patented process to eliminate electro-acoustic and mechanical issues before they become a part of the finished speaker and are also rigorously tested through Polk’s Klippel distortion analyzers. DB+ Series, in addition to their IP56 waterproof rating and Marine Certification feature waterproof surrounds that completely block dirt, liquid, and grime from entering the speaker housing—all designed to maximize longevity of the speaker.


Five Decades Of American Loudspeaker Engineering

DB+ Series benefits from decades of Polk’s premium loudspeaker engineering experience and were designed at our original Acoustic Research and Development facility in Owings Mills, Maryland. Our goal since 1972 has been to build great speakers that not only play loud, but also play crystal clear sound with effortless bass. The result of this 50-year engineering heritage is best-in-class loudspeakers backed by numerous awards, patents, and fans like you.

We’ve achieved this by constant innovation and by leaving nothing to chance. Accessibly priced, built to exceed our patented quality-testing process, and designed to provide Polk’s legendary audio quality, the DB+ series fulfills the Polk promise of great sound for all.

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