MM1042 DVC

10” Dual Voice-Coil Mobile Monitor Subwoofer with Ultra-Marine Certification

Advanced High Performance Bass

MM1 Series subwoofers were conceived, designed and engineered to deliver premium audio with thunderous bass, enhanced sonic detail and ultra-durable construction. Dynamic Balance technology, a high excursion bump stack motor structure, glass fiber formers, multilayered and oversized voice coils, high-temp Conex spiders, a vented pole and basket structure, and integrated fuses combine for full-on powerful sound, no matter what vehicle you’re in. Plus, with multiple impedance connections in our DVC models, you can to better match the performance of your amplifier for higher potential power.

Ultra-Marine Certified

The ultra-durable, MM1 Series Subwoofers have earned their water and dirt resistant IP56 rating through non-corrosive fiberglass reinforced ABS baskets, water-proof surrounds, weep holes for proper drainage and UV-tolerant polypropylene cones. You can count on extra, long-lasting protection—that’s all salt-fog and UV tested so you can bring the bass no matter where life takes you, rain or shine.

Designed To Go The Extra Mile

All Polk loudspeakers rely on our exclusive process to eliminate electro-acoustic and mechanical issues before they become a part of the finished speaker and are also rigorously tested through Polk’s Klippel distortion analyzers. MM1 Series Subwoofers, in addition to offering IP56 waterproof rating and Ultra-Marine Certification, have waterproof Santoprene surrounds that keep the elements out and protect the subwoofer from the harsh effects of boat cleaning agents. They’re designed to keep the music playing that extra mile and beyond.

High Excursion Bump Stack Motor

Enjoy more audible throw for a deep bass experience that’s bound to excite your senses.

Ultra-Marine Certified

Featuring an IP56 rating that’s dirt- and water-resistant it includes a non-corrosive fiberglass reinforced ABS basket, a water-proof surround, weep holes for proper drainage and a composite cone for extra, long-lasting protection against the elements—all of it salt-fog and UV tested.

Waterproof Santoprene Surround

Non-corrosive Fiberglass Reinforced Baskets

Why Polk Audio

Five Decades Of American Loudspeaker Engineering

Polk MM1 Subwoofers benefit from decades of premium loudspeaker engineering experience and were designed at our original Acoustic Research and Development facility in Owings Mills, Maryland.

Our goal since 1972 has been to build great speakers that not only play loud, but also play crystal clear sound with effortless bass. The result of this 50-year engineering heritage is best-in-class subwoofers backed by numerous awards, patents, and fans like you.

We’ve achieved this by constant innovation and by leaving nothing to chance. Accessibly priced, built to exceed our exclusive, quality-testing process, and designed to provide Polk’s legendary effortless bass, MM1 Subwoofers fulfill the Polk promise of great sound for all.

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