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Monitor Series

Monitor Series is the speaker that started “Great sound for all” and continues to keep this promise true—with a few upgrades of course. Enjoy classic Polk sound quality at a great value. Built to bring out the best in any amp or receiver, and deliver clean and detailed highs, midrange clarity, and deep bass.

Floor Standing

  • monitor70seriesiiblk

    Monitor 70 Series II

    Large Floor-Standing Tower Speaker

    $299.00 / PER SPEAKER
  • monitor60

    Monitor 60 Series II

    Floor-Standing Tower Speaker

    $189.00 / PER SPEAKER

Center Channel

  • monitorseriescs1

    CS1 Monitor Series II

    Center Channel Speaker

    $129.00 / PER SPEAKER

Book Shelf

  • monitor40

    Monitor 40 Series II

    Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

    $199.00 / PER SPEAKER

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